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Posted on Oct 15, 2015 in Blog, TouchPoint Business Member

What Kind of Operator Are You?

Untitled design (1)By Lars Johnson

What kind of operator are you?

When I began pulling together our TouchPoint Resource Pool 4 years ago I was convinced that people who go into a food business like a restaurant had one of these three motivations:

  • They liked to cook
  • They liked to make an investment grow
  • They liked the excitement of managing a dynamic business every day.

After reading an important book by Michael Gerber titled “The EMyth Revisited”, I would like to adopt his terms and ask the same question: Are you an Technician (like to cook) Entrepreneur(make investment grow), or a Manager (manage business everyday)?

All three roles are crucial components to a successful business, but have you thought about where you are spending your time? Are you casting the vision and building the business? Are you writing policy and procedure manuals and managing all aspects of daily operations? Are you standing at the grill or the cash register and delivering the final products to your diners?

No matter how amazing you are your time is limited. You can only be a proficient expert at a few aspects of your business.

There is a very rewarding feeling that comes when you can figure out something you didn’t know how to do. You didn’t have to call for help and, most importantly, you didn’t have to pay someone to do it. There are times when this is the absolutely right way to do it. However, my wife will periodically remind me that no matter how good I feel about my accomplishment my time could have been better spent doing something that actually made me some money and letting an expert take care of that nagging to-do.

Where are you? Are you the person who has to try to do everything every day? That lasts for a while but it can be very wearing over a business life of 20 years.

I have discovered that I can be the Entrepreneur no problem. I’m also a pretty good technician at the same time. The glaring challenge for me is to be the Manager. I can do it, but that would be my full time job at the expense of the other two.

Gerber also asked, “Are you working in your business or on your business?”

I’ve been trying to shift to the latter. That means I have to have people I trust to manage pieces and perform tasks. I enjoy almost every aspect of my business and its operation but what I find rewarding is growth and consistency. That takes other people. I don’t know if I’ll ever have staff on a payroll so I am very glad to find people to do my work and don’t want to be on my payroll.

So, what kind of operator are you? If you are going to succeed and have a life with any kind of quality, you will have to figure out how to work on your business. I have collected our self-vetting Resource Pool to be the trusted answer and solution. Do what you do best and go crazy. As for all the other tasks look to our experts for collaborative support.

We absolutely want you to succeed for a long, long time.

Lars is the Founder and President of TouchPoint Resource Pool, as well as owner of FoodSafetyGuy. He has been in the food industry for over 20 years.