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Posted on Jul 9, 2015 in Blog

The Ol’ Knife and Chain

Knife on ChainI’ve seen many chains and many things attached to chains in kitchens.

Let’s face it, important tools get lost. Using a chain is actually a version of Active Managerial Control– doing things on purpose.

You’ve seen chains, too. The restroom key at a gas station…the pen at the POS checkout…the nail brush at the hand sink. These are all items that are sooo crucial and can’t be lost that they must be bound with a chain.

Or so we think.

I too have been stymied when the health inspector comes in and has to write a violation for a missing nail brush. “It was there yesterday, I used it!

I am sure you are way ahead of me on this. If you are using chains, cords, leash, or other ways to secure crucial tools, observe that there are two potential problems.

  1. You have now created a Clean In Place Item. And the chances of these items being washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use are….? I thought so.
  2. You now have a tether that is not going to be removed for cleaning and is quite likely to collect and harbor dirt, food and be a great place for bacteria to hang out and grow.

It comes back to training and follow-up, doesn’t it? These are important tools, don’t lose them. Clean them and put them back where they belong. You know the drill.