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Posted on Jul 15, 2013 in Partner Interviews

Meet the Partners: Lee Bushman

Lee Bushman

Name: Lee Bushman

Business: RCS Strategic, Restaurant Design & Consulting

Education: St. Mary’s University, Bachelor of Science with a double major in Health Care Management and Human Resources Management, as well as continuing work on a Masters in Human Resources.

Lee, how long have you been in the restaurant business?  I’ve been involved with or employed in the restaurant business for more than 45 years, holding various positions including, General Manager, Area Manager, Franchise Business Consultant, VP of Operations, and CEO of RCS Strategic.

We all know food safety is important, but really, what % of a business day does a Manager/operator focus solely on food safety?  As we all know, food safety is a constant focus. Although there are certain times during the day when a Manager/Owner is performing specified tasks related to food safety, a Manger/Owner must constantly aware of the environment around them. Potential situations that are critical to the public health could arise at anytime. While proper temperatures is a critical item, a Manger/Owner must be aware of other issues such as cross-contamination, sanitation issues, employee health, and physical and chemical contamination as well.

While the manager has one eye on those things, what are some of the operational challenges a manager has to worry about?  A Manager/Owner working a shift has many has a great many responsibilities. These opportunities could range from employee issues, guest issues, equipment issues, ordering and receiving produce, banking, bookkeeping, just to mention a few.

How does your business support operators with those other needs?  RCS Strategic Consulting and Design along with its Associates provides services in a number of ways:

  • Start-ups – RCS can provide Business Plan advice and guidance as well as a      professional document that can help potential investors and lender understand the profitability of the proposed project. The Business Plan includes menu      development, site selection, demographics, competitive intrusion, traffic      counts, staffing, cash flow, balance sheet, and a full three years of P&L projections. I have opened and developed over 50 restaurants during my career.
  • Ongoing Bar & Restaurant Operation: RCS has the expertise to evaluate current operations and provide the operator(s) with a clear understanding of their      opportunities to reduce costs, improve productivity, and  increase profitability.
  • Training: RCS through its Principals and Associates provides additional service that  includes, but not limited to, Secret Shopping, Alcohol Compliance Training, Food Safety Training, Front of the House staff training, and Management evaluation.
  • Facilities Design and Menu Design: RCS can help design and or review you current plans to make sure that your food operation will function and flow to provide you with the maximum flow and functionality. We can help with ideas that can separate you from the rest of the pack.
  • Design many times is a function of your menu choice and location selection.

As a consultant who supports the entire operation, what makes you feel comfortable about recommending FoodSafetyGuy for certification needs?  I have known Lars for a couple of years and I would gladly recommend him. Lars not only brings you his knowledge of Food Safety, but he brings you added value of his years in the restaurant operations. Lars can help you and your employees provide that “safe” environment!



Lee is an important part of our TouchPoint Resource Pool, especially in the Facilities/Equipment, Finance, Food/Beverage and the Training functions. Click here to view his video bio!