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Posted on Aug 23, 2013 in Partner Interviews

Meet the Partners: Cindy Winkle



Name: Cindy Winkle

Organization: Minuteman Press

Position: Owner

Years in Business: 23
College Degree: Biology

FSG: Cindy, we met about 3 years ago and have become strong partners. What do you do to help people like me who teach?

CW: I help a lot with marketing materials. We provide business cards, customized handouts, online ordering, cost-effective ordering and the graphic design that makes it look professional for you.

FSG: When people need their materials, they NEED their materials NOW. How do you handle that?

CW: Let’s face it, some orders are just impossible. We do our best to work with rush orders when necessary. Probably the most important thing we do is to meet our quote time. When we receive an order, we’ll be honest and give you our best estimate and work hard to meet our deadlines for you.

FSG: As a TouchPoint partner you do work for people in the group. What are some ways you’ve helped us and our clients?

CW: Obviously we print a lot of marketing and class materials for you. We have also helped with menu design and printing, artwork for signage, set up of forms for daily paperwork, like the self-inspections for restaurants. We also provide co-branded business cards for TouchPoint partners.

FSG: What are some things you do specifically for food businesses?

CW: We can design, edit and print menus. We print office forms, i.e. letterhead, envelopes, and order forms, and keep them on file for repeat ordering. We print box toppers, door hangers and window clings as well. These are just a few common examples. We also print To-Go menus, gift certificates and envelopes, labels, table tents, and many more items.

FSG: What should a restaurant have prepared to hand you if they are ordering menus from you?

CW: The more the operator has thought through, the quicker it goes. We can meet with the operator, take the menu ideas and their graphics and lay it out for their approval. We can also take an existing printed menu and recreate it. We can keep it on file for changes as needed.

FSG: Cindy, I’m really glad I found your shop and have had the chance to do business with you. What can you share with our readers about working with FoodSafetyGuy?

CW: Well, I really appreciate that he is a good promoter of my products and as a TouchPoint partner works hard to promote and introduce everyone also. When you say you’re going to do something, you do it. You are very good at pulling a group together and providing opportunities for people to grow their businesses and themselves.

FSG: Thanks for your time Cindy and for always having my orders ready when I need them. And I have to admit that watching how you do business has helped me to become a better customer myself – I hope!


Cindy is an important part of our TouchPoint Resource Pool, especially in the Marketing function. Click here to view her video bio!