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TouchPoint Resource Pool draws on decades of experience from each partner when we put together and offer training support for the food service industry. Whether for a small private food business or a multi-unit corporation we have the expertise to support management and food worker alike. This Training Function of our Resource Pool will be constantly creating and developing new classes as needs arise, as well as offering outstanding presentations of the widely accepted standardized classes that are required by regulators and are needed for credentials.
Some of our classes are collaborative efforts by members of the group and are offered as TouchPoint Resource Tools (indicated with our logo). Some are offered specifically by the individual businesses that make up the Resource Pool and you will link directly to their website for more information. You can search our offerings by category.

After going through the initial certification process in Minnesota and in Wisconsin, a Certified Food Manager must seek out continuing education hours to maintain a current certificate. Many managers will attend four hours of a basic food safety class to satisfy that requirement. There are so many different things a food manager needs to stay on top of or keep learning. The goal of the TouchPoint Resource Pool Training Function is to provide relevant and valuable ongoing training for owners, operators, above store leaders and managers of all levels that also qualifies for recertification hours.

We will work together as an expert Resource Pool to research, write, and present quality information for every possible option that we can conceive of which can be useful as a class for our customers, clients and the general food service public. Our hundreds of years of food service expertise in all areas will help to further equip you for the rigors of your work life- and of those who work for you.

Consider the following options and check back frequently for classes and training opportunities.

“Equipment: Selection, Sourcing, and Maintenance” (2 CEUs, applied for)

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Cost $35

Schedule: see calendar

Presenters for the workshop will be Jeff Witt (Hockenbergs Equipment), Mike Stanard (Summit Facility and Equipment Service) and Lee Bushman (RCS Strategic-Consulting). This is a 2-hour workshop with interactive discussion, hands on, and useful handouts. You won’t want to miss what the experts have to say.

Areas of discussion conversation include:

  • What is approved equipment?
  • Who approves equipment?
  • What are ANSI and NSF and why do they matter?
  • The importance of a plan when selecting equipment
  • How equipment selection can impact the health of your business
  • Buying new versus used; Leasing as an option
  • Where to buy; Do’s and don’ts when buying
  • Tips on preventive maintenance and getting the most out of your equipment

House of Worship Training Options

Supervising Food Safety with Volunteer Workers (2 CEUs)

Download a Registration Form

Cost $35

Schedule: see calendar

This workshop is designed to prepare a volunteer leader to manage key food safety principles and give proper direction to volunteer workers before and during a feeding event. We will cover:

  •  The details of the exemption for churches
  • Assuming authority to manage the food for an event
  • Key principles for procuring, storing, prepping, cooking and serving food
  • Understanding the risk involved
  • Tips for success

A hosting church will provide the facility arrangements and help with local marketing.

It is our goal to help the churches become a resource for the community and we are anxious to find partners all over Minnesota to work with. This course meets the state of Minnesota requirement for volunteer feeding events.